People in their Twenties and Thirties (PiTTs)

Developing Your Big Picture

For recent graduates and younger professionals, investing and saving for retirement can sometimes feel like the pits. That’s why Chris and Kyle Crain created the ‘Big Picture’ initiative for People in their Twenties and Thirties (PiTTs). It’s a multi-generational process to help you properly replace your income when it’s time to retire down the line.

Starting isn’t as daunting or as scary as you might think; explore our videos below and then shoot an e-mail to kyle.crain@wfafinet (a PiTT himself) to put your big picture into focus!

Description: Chris Crain breaks down our process for saving and replacing income in retirement into 6 easy steps.

Video 2: What Are Stocks?
Description: Chris Crain explains, in simple terms, what are stocks and why to invest in them for the long term.

Coming Soon

What are Bonds?
Discovering Mutual Funds
Breaking Down Retirement Vehicles
What’s the Right Amount to Save?

The earlier you start, the better off you’ll be. So, start today! Call 262.618.4949 or send us a message.